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Introducing Cartera - A Portfolio Site

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Shared by Adam • March 13, 2023

Featuring a modern urban metro style, Cartera is a bold, minimalist design to prominently feature your site's most important assets. With a clean color palette, midnight shadows, and eye catching line work this design hearkens back to an updated art deco aesthetic. Bright, colorful images will leap from the page, showcasing your creations. This design is perfect for artists of all mediums with features including: homepage animated text, portfolio page with five project pages, and more...

Cartera means 'portfolio' in Catalan, the language of Northern Spain. It is sure to surprise and delight your visitors.

Something else from Spain that is bold and audacious is Tapas. I went out with a friend to try that one night. My bill was $87 and I was still hungry at the end. They kept bringing us out tiny plates of all manner of things. One of them was foam on a little cracker. They tried to tell me it was an olive/shrimp foam meant to conjure images of the Spanish Mediterranean, but I don’t know of one single organism on this planet that survives on foam or the esoteric concept of a location to which I have never travelled. I had to go across the street and get something else afterward so I didn’t go to bed conjuring images of being hungry inside my own house. Maybe I am an uncultured philistine, but I am going to be a FULL uncultured philistine. I guarantee this is far and away better than tapas.

You'll find Cartera available free in the Showit app. Try it out by adding a new design.