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Global Blog Templates are now live!

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Shared by Adam • June 01, 2023

We recently launched global blog templates in the design application! What are global blog templates, you may ask? They are a way to customize WordPress posts or pages with a unique layout that's different from the default post/page layout. For example, you could have:

  • Full width content
  • A single sidebar on the right/left
  • A three column page

The possibilities are endless and your imagination is the limit!

Ok, there are other limits. Like the speed of light in a vacuum, or the universal gravitational constant, or Planck's constant. That last one governs the quantum nature of energy and relates the energy of a photon to it's frequency. You can kind of mash all three of these together to get something approximating time, or at least the observable age of the universe before which physics did not really exist, so none of these laws applied.

See, you came to learn about blog templates and now we are discussing physics. You never know what might happen as a Showit user! Go out and create some beautiful blog templates and then ponder the dimensions of time, which we still do not truly understand. Maybe you can solve it and win an award! Or just have a really difficult time sleeping at night like I do when I think about it too much.