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Design Settings Improvements

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Shared by JT • June 15, 2023

We recently rolled out some great improvements to the Design Settings panel that will make setting these presets even easier. These adjustments are setting the stage for a larger overhaul of settings panels to support merged and separated mobile/desktop settings on a per setting basis. Our initial release of this change was with Canvas Backgrounds.

When visiting the Design Settings panel, you'll find that settings that were the same between Mobile and Desktop will now appear merged into one setting for quick easy adjustment across both layouts. You can easily separate the merged setting by clicking on the underlined title to split it back into separate mobile/desktop.

We find that this approach of merged values helps speed up design workflows and cause less customer confusion when adjusting settings. While also allowing the full flexibility to customize between mobile and desktop if you prefer.

We also improved the text style previews to better understand how your settings like Line Height and Bottom Margin will apply with multiple rows of text. And we also added an Inline Link preview option that you can turn on to see how inline links will render.

In the coming months you'll see similar support for mobile/desktop merged settings push out to many of the settings panels across the app.