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Canvas View Improvements

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Shared by Adam • June 22, 2023

Great news, everyone! Canvas Views now appear as tabs within a canvas!

Is it the 1980s again? Because we are all about to enjoy Tab once more! Anyone remember Tab? Just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.

In blog templates when looking at WordPress canvases, the canvas views now all display whenever you chose to Combine Views on Posts in:
1) a Post Loop canvas


2) a Posts View Lookup canvas (these are used to display featured posts)

This dramatically improves the visual editing process by now being able to align images/text on a multi-post layout. Additionally, customers looking to purchase a template will experience much better blog template previewing.

Alignment is great for making your site look consistent across experiences. Alignment can be really bad when it comes to waves in physics. If there are two waves where the crest of one touches the trough of another, a process called destructive interference occurs, and the waves become a single wave of amplitude zero.

For two waves that are in phase with each other, you end up with a process known as constructive interference, and the resulting amplitude is twice that of the original waves.

Destructive interference could make light appear to disappear, which is really strange to think about. If you had two separate waves where you could observe the light individually, but when they interfere there would be no light. Where did it go? The energy is either reflected back to the emitter of the wave, or transferred into kinetic energy, heating the medium of transference. Anyway, I'm going to go lie down now because I have to think about this some more.

Luckily Showit alignment is constructive, and your site will look even better than before. My pitch for destructive interference was soundly rejected by everyone, and with good reason. I still think it was a neat idea.