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Turn Off Page Publishing

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Shared by Adam • June 22, 2023

We are pleased to introduce a great new Showit feature to be able to turn off publishing on a page.

Whether it is a new page you are working on that is not quite ready to go live, or an existing page you want to remove from the site but keep for archival purposes, this new feature is for you.

You can turn off publishing, which allows you to continue to view and work on the page within Showit, but not have it present on your live site. It is a great way to keep things hidden until you are ready to show the world!

You know what is not a great way to accomplish a similar goal? Black holes. I mean, it will be hidden all right. However, given that not even light or other electromagnetic waves can escape from there, good luck getting it back out. Everything inside of the black hole is compressed into a mass of infinite density called a singularity. Or at least that is what we think. It is difficult to tell on account of the whole "nothing can escape from a black hole" nature of the phenomenon. Ok, sure, the event horizon emits Hawking radiation of a temperature inversely proportional to the mass, so theoretically it may eventually evaporate, for lack of a better term. We have not even touched on the time dilation properties, where to an outside observer a clock being sucked toward the event horizon would appear to tick more slowly, then eventually slow to stop as it reached that point, taking what would appear to be an infinite time to cross beyond. Of course, if one were holding the clock, it would appear to happen in a matter of seconds, but things get really weird around objects of incredible mass and that person would have way larger problems at hand. Like being sucked into a black hole.

So yeah, hidden pages! Those are really great and not at all like black holes, which is probably a really good thing!

NOTE: If you've already published a page and then turned off the publish setting. Publish your site again for the page to be taken offline.