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Site Canvas Sets are available now!

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Shared by Adam • August 15, 2023

Here at Showit, we are on the leading edge of Showit innovation! It helps that we are pretty much the only edge of Showit innovation, on account of being Showit, but that is a separate matter entirely. We have recently added Site Canvas Sets!

Site Canvas Sets

With this amazing new feature you can:

  • Define a set of site canvases as a standard header and footer that can be applied across the entire site.
  • Easily add/remove a site canvas across your site. (ie. a sale banner)
  • Create multiple site canvas sets that contain different canvases to use on across groups of pages. (ie. specifically for your blog pages)
  • New or imported pages automatically start with your default canvas set.

The possibilities are endless! We think this is pretty great. Our canvas sets are possibly the greatest set of canvases since the Sistine Chapel! And that was a fresco, not done on canvas. You know what else is not a canvas? The Last Supper. Also a fresco.

The Renaissance artists sure did like painting on walls and ceilings. You have to wonder how many great works of art were lost to earthquakes on account of the building they were painted on just fell over. Earthquakes are nature's greatest art critic. Except for fire. Fire has probably gotten more stuff than earthquakes. Or fires caused caused by earthquakes. There is a probably some intersection there. Imagine if there was an earthquake that broke a dam and started a fire. Everything is shaking and flooding and burning. That would be terrible. What do you even do in that situation? Pick your poison, I suppose.

None of that has anything to do with canvas sets, which are going to allow you to do great things with your site. It is a veritable earthquake to the old way of doing things, upending the previous way of styling. There we go. I brought it back. Happy designing!

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