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Showit acquires the popular WordPress + Shopify lead generation tool Sumo.

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Shared by JT • December 20, 2023

Showit, the flexible drag-and-drop website builder, is announcing their acquisition of Sumo, the popular WordPress and Shopify lead generation tool.

Sumo, developed by the team behind AppSumo, has long been a tool that online businesses rely on to generate leads from their website. Sumo makes it easy for businesses to collect email addresses and phone numbers by providing easy-to-use tools to create stunning, high-converting forms and pop-ups. Sumo integrates with many popular CRMs and email marketing platforms such as ConvertKit and MailChimp.

Davey Jones will serve as the CEO of Formilytics, the newly formed business that will manage the development of Sumo. The team plans to continue serving Sumo’s existing community and developing Sumo as its own tool to make it the most robust lead generation platform available today. The Formilytics team will also be working closely with Showit to create a tight integration between the platforms.

Showit has developed a reputation for being a website platform that enables users to create their dream website. Thousands of small businesses use Showit to power their website citing its intuitive design, creative flexibility, and customer support as key reasons they love the platform.

Showit’s mission has always been to cultivate the creativity that exists in each person and our core product is a website platform that provides true creative freedom,” said Todd Watson, CEO and founder of Showit. “We also see the need for our community to create thriving businesses, and Sumo feels like such a great fit to allow sites built on Showit to have best-in-class lead generation tools that connect seamlessly to all the ways our customers run their businesses.

More information about Showit and Sumo’s partnership will be released over the coming months. Be sure to follow Showit and Sumo on Instagram to catch all the updates!

For more information about Showit and Sumo, visit:

➡️✨ If you want try Sumo Pro, you can use the code SHOWITEERS for 50% off your subscription.

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What kinds of things can Sumo do?

Sumo makes it easy to create forms and pop-ups to turn website visitors into leads.

The form builder includes elements like radio groups, dropdowns, and checkboxes so you can get the exact information you need from a lead.

You can create intelligent pop-ups that appear exactly when you want. That includes...

  • exit-intent: appears as a visitor goes to close out the tab/window.
  • welcome mat: shows a full page pop-up immediately upon opening a page.
  • sticky bar: stays stuck to the top or bottom of the page as the visitor scrolls.

There are additional targeting features based on variables like referral source and device. Not to mention the e-commerce features…

How can I learn more about Sumo?

Check out Need a form and pop-up solution for your website or your clients' websites?

There is a free version of the tool that you can get started with.

➡️✨ If you want to try Sumo Pro, you can use the code SHOWITEERS for 50% off your first year subscription. ✨⬅️

When will the Showit and Sumo integration be available?

You can use Sumo right now on Showit websites but we want to make sure we build the best possible integration. In order to do that, we have some foundational work to focus on first such as getting feedback from the Showit community. Please know that it is a priority for Sumo and we'll keep you updated as we make progress.

Learn how to use Sumo on a Showit website by following these steps...

Does Sumo work on other website platforms?

Yes, Sumo should work on any website platform where you're able to embed a snippet of code. Most importantly, it works on Showit websites ;) There is also a WordPress plugin.

The Shopify App is currently being rebuilt, but we hope it's available in the beginning of the New Year.

Learn how to integrate it with Showit here...

Does Sumo integrate with my email marketing platform?

Yes, Sumo offers integrations with popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ConverKit and many more.

Will Sumo continue to be its own product?

Yes, Sumo will continue to be developed as its own product; however, we are planning a tight integration with Showit.

Will the tool continue to be called Sumo?

No, we are working on rebranding the product. More details to come soon!

When can I start using Sumo?

Today! There’s a free version of the tool and a 30-day money back guarantee for those who subscribe to the ‘pro’ version.

Where can I follow along for Sumo updates and tutorials?

Check out Sumo’s Instagram​ and YouTube​ accounts to follow along.

➡️✨ If you want try Sumo Pro, you can use the code SHOWITEERS for 50% off your first year subscription. ✨⬅️

We're excited to share more details in the coming weeks! Have a question that wasn’t answered here?

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