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Synced Settings Between Mobile & Desktop

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Shared by Adam • January 08, 2024

Greetings, Showit community!

We return once again with an update sure to delight and amaze! We've made it faster for you to update your website by merging settings with common values across mobile and desktop. More settings throughout the app can now be merged or split between mobile and desktop!

Yes, now values that were the same between mobile and desktop are now automatically merged into one setting, with an option to split them between mobile and desktop if you so desire. This will speed up design workflows by allowing more common settings and updates to be shared across desktop and mobile. Gone is the tedious time updating both layouts for the same setting.

You’ll find the option to Split or Merge values from the ••• context menu to the right of a setting.

If you see mobile and desktop icon tabs above a setting then it's currently split between the layouts.

When you merge a value it will take the setting from the active layout: mobile or desktop. You’ll see that stated as “Merge Using Mobile” or “Merge Using Desktop” based upon which layout you have active.

The split option would have been a great utility in the 1986 science fiction horror movie, The Fly, in which Seth Brundle inadvertently combines his DNA with that of a housefly during a teleportation experiment. This ultimately leads to him becoming a human/fly monster and it being a David Cronenberg film they did not skimp on the body horror. I bet he wishes he had a split function following that wacky experiment. Also, the movie stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, so you know it gets weird. It gets really weird. Brundle’s solution of teleporting himself with other humans to dilute the fly DNA was one approach, but split merge would have been way better.

Now it is available to all of you! No genetic hijinks required. You’re welcome! 😉

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